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I will increase your child's confidence, and self esteem I will teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their focus at school, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them life and leadership skills that will last them a lifetime and much, much more.



We have trained hundreds of children here at Premier Martial Arts since being established, so we know how much they can benefit from the physical and mental aspects of what we teach.

Parents are concerned about their child’s development and bring their children to us for many reasons; sometimes the children themselves want to be Karate kids or a Power Ranger and that’s ok because they will develop tremendous physical skills.

As a parent you want more than that for your child: you want your child to be more confident and self disciplined, you want them to know how to behave in public and not be afraid or intimidated by bullies and be able to have the confidence to speak their mind and make the right choices.

We want that too; to encourage a strong sense of confidence and self discipline in children; to teach them how to become a leader and not a follower; to become the type of person you would want him or her to be.






And whilst the kids are having a great time being the next Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan they are learning the real life skills that our Martial Arts school teaches.


We have a broad experience with children of all skills and abilities from the very gifted to those with challenges to overcome.

We have experience with conditions such as:

ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia,
Epilepsy, Asthma, Anger problems, Shyness.


As well as those who may be overly boisterous or whose behaviour is causing problems at home or at school.


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